Pre Purchase Electrical Inspections

The information below is related to customers having a pre purchase electrical inspection done on a domestic dwelling.

We also conduct other types of electrical inspections such as commercial and industrial electrical inspections.

The Purpose of a Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection:

An electrical inspection carried out prior to purchasing a property can identify any dangerous and unsafe electrical parts of the installation, that may be very costly to repair once the property has been purchased.Having this inspection done before you buy enables you to better negotiate the price, or have the repairs fixed by the seller before you take ownership of the property.

The inspection fee vary dependant on the size of the house and how bad a condition the electrical installation is in. Older homes tend to have more issues than the newer type homes.

We will supply you with a detailed electrical report which will attempt to forwarded onto you within 48 hours.

Once we have sent you this report will attached a quotation for any necessary repairs to rectify any faulty unsafe wiring or equipment. This report can then be used to negotiate the price of the property.

This small amount of money can save you thousands of dollars in unforeseen electrical repairs in the future. Most importantly an electrical inspection can save a life or remove the potential risk of damage to the property.

This comprehensive pre purchase inspection will give you peace of mind and help you to make the decision on whether or not to purchase the home.It will give you an informed decision and help you decide on what to offer the seller for the home, and will give you an idea on the condition of the electrical system of the home.

Electrical Pre Purchase Inspections Are Always Overlooked By Buyers !

Many home buyers do not have electrical pre purchase inspection done as they think it is done by the building inspectors, they then find out after they have purchased the property that there are electrical safety issues that they did not know about before buying the property.

While most people buying a property will have a building and pest inspection, they do not realise that this does not cover an inspection of the electrical installation and wiring of the home.

We strongly urge you to have an electrical pre purchase inspection done before purchasing any property.