Supply and Installation of Safety Switches (RCD’s)

Astra Electrical has professional tradesmen that are highly skilled in the installation of RCD protection which is crucial to your family’s safety.

Why do we need a Safety SwitchRCD 3

  • They are designed to protect someone who may accidentally touch the power supply.
  • They are a safety device designed to protect you , your family or your customers.

How does it protect someone

  • They are designed to quickly disconnect the power to protect you from the risk and harm caused by electric shocks.
  • They normally operate within 30 milliseconds in domestic applications
  • A  Residual Current Device (RCD) is a safety device that provides a fast cut-off  of the power whenever an imbalance is detected in a circuit.

Where should they be installed

  • It is now mandatory for all circuits in new homes to have safety switches on all circuits.
  • It is recommended that all older homes, should have RCD’s on all circuits.

Testing of Safety Switches (RCD’s)

  • These RCD’s should be tested regularly by depressing the test button, an electrician should be called immediately should the device fail to trip when this test button has been pressed as this is an indication that the unit could be faulty.
  • Safety switches should also be tested at least once a year, by a licensed electrician to ensure they are working correctly.