Energy Efficiency

LED downlightAt Astra Electrical we aim to provide  you with energy efficiency solutions for your premises that will lead to significant savings.

We can carry out energy audits as the cost of electricity continues to climb, saving on energy costs is of a greater concern to residential and business owners.

Contact: Astra Electrical to find how your overheads can be dramatically reduced by carrying out an energy audit that will put money in your pocket, and not some else’s.

  • Lighting: We can calculate the lighting loads with a view of reducing your kilowatt usage.
    • We provide motion sensing and lighting solution for all common areas.
    • Provide solutions and advice on LED lighting.
  • Swimming pools: We can inspect and report on the energy efficiency of your pool equipment and recommend an energy efficient alternative saving you money on running costs.
  • Hot Water systems: Astra Electrical will test and report on the energy efficiency of your hot water system and recommend an alternative hot water system or electricity tariff.
  • Tariff Structures: Allow us to examine and report back to you on your energy tariff structures and provide an alternative if needed.