Switchboard Installation, Maintenance and Upgrades or Replacement

Main Switch board replacement

Old fuse board replaced with new main switchboard with circuit breakers and safety switches.

How would a customer know if they need a Switchboard Upgrade?
If you have an existing older home or purchased an older home or adding Photo-Voltaic solar panels to your existing home –  there is a good chance the electrical switchboard will need upgrading.

New appliances like induction cook tops or air-conditioning may overload the old switch boards and its supply cables – this can lead to electrical fires. For your safety and the safety of your family it would be advised to have it checked by an authorised electrician.

Astra Electrical we can help you with this. We also do full electrical inspections of houses for purchasers or for safety reasons when illegal unsafe work that has been carried out by unlicensed persons has been detected.